Frontend Developer

Job title : Frontend Developer
Location : Ingelheim am Rhein
Job type : Contract/Freelance
Salary : Negotiable
Contact name : Blanca Schintu
Contact number : +44 (0) 207 255 6655
Contact email :
Frontend Developer
Period: 01/02/2021 to 31/12/2021
Location: Ingelheim

The service is requested as part of the FinForc (Financial Forecasting) product. The product was developed in the current status during 2020 in a project mode and will be further developed as product throughout 2021.

The product intends to generate Artificial Intelligence driven forecasts to enhance accuracy with accepted reliability, ultimately leading to prescriptive analytics referring to financial outlook and budget planning cycles in order to:

- get valuable and actionable insights resulting in smarter decisions and better business outcomes
- enable earlier availability of financial forecasts
- increase efficiency to free-up resources for value-adding activities

The development activities in 2021 are focusing beside others on increasing accuracy rates by adjusted algorithms, expansion of calculated KPIs and improvement of front-end capabilities.
Currently there is not sufficient know-how available internally and requires external service to fulfill the specific activities for the product.

The expertise tasks as a Frontend-Developer required during the assignment are:
. Develop the product according to the prioritized Backlog items as included in the aligned Sprint plan to scale-up the solution based on BI´s infrastructure and develop frontend applications
. Development activities shall be executed considering hardening existing code bases, by:
. Development of QA tests. Coordination between manual and automated tests as well as the various necessary tests considering the respective content of each sprint.
. Creation of manual test plans, test cases and test scripts. Consult the team to define and run these tests.
. Get feedback within sprint meetings in order to apply BI standards during the assignment, to setup compliance and quality within the product.
. Consult the data scientists on options regarding suitable solutions for the creation of an enterprise-grade application software

The contractor will coordinate and execute the tasks independently and according to the scrum methodology considering the aligned and prioritized Backlog and content for each sprint.

For further information please contact Blanca on +44 (0)207 255 6655 or via email at