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Andrea Gagliano


Andrea Gagliano


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I joined SEC in December 2017 after working as a Senior Sales Advisor in luxury retail, supervising a team of 15 people. I wanted to change industry and start a new adventure, and recruitment is the challenge I was looking for. A job where every day is different, where you can learn a thousand different things and apply all your knowledge and background.

I focus on finding the right candidates in R&D, clinical R&D and Medical Affairs for global pharmaceutical companies.

I am passionate about England (my favourite country!), its history, culture, politics and literature. My favourite queen of all time is Elizabeth I and I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter. I likes cooking in his spare time (like every Italian) and I talk a lot! I love fantasy movies and romantic comedies. I'm a fan of Northern European countries, their way of life and culture (despite the cold weather, which doesn’t bother me). I'm passionate about international political relationships and global politics.


Daniel García Rodríguez, Junior Neuroscientist

Andrea has been hardworking and attentive since the first time he contacted me until even after he knew I got the job. He is always really willing to help at any time no matter which issue, checking up if everything was going great. I am really grateful to have had a recruiter like him working with me.

Barbara Torrisi, Senior Project Manager

Andrea assisted me in the recruitment for the post of Senior R&D PM at Exeltis. I have to say I have never known an equally talented head hunter. Andrea was able to understand my needs from the very first contact and provided me with very valuable advices. He negotiated the conditions I wanted and he made the hiring process extremely smooth. Andrea is also a great person with excellent communication skills, he is someone who really do care for the person he works for. This attitude is shared at SEC Pharma, as I had the chance to interact with Andrea’s line manager, and they also reserved me the same treatment. I would recommend Andrea and SEC Pharma to everyone who is looking to significantly progress in their career and wish to get assisted with high professionalism and respect. A big BRAVO to Andrea and SEC Pharma's team and thanks again for all the work you do everyday.

Marta Puente, Senior Manager Pharmacovigilance

I met Andrea during a recruitment process, and it has been a great pleasure to work with him. He has accompanied me through the process and interview in a very friendly and professional manner, keeping a close monitoring of the process while providing all advice and support that I needed. I specially appreciated his openess and recommendations during the debriefing after each interview and his endless patience in the process.

Diego Flaviani, Manufacturing Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea this year and I can say that I found extreme professionalism.

Specifically, what characterizes Andrea is the dedication in detail of each task and attention to the customer. This guides Andrea in achieving goals in a professionally ethical way.

The thing that I can say and in which I believe as a professional, is that Andrea loves his work, and this is a fundamental pillar to do it well, and I confirm the great work that Andrea did with me.

I recommend working with Andrea and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again.

Fabio Riva, Product Development Manager

Andrea was able to understand my needs indicating the best opportunity for my professional career.

James Robinson, Discovery Informatics Scientist

Andrea took time to read my CV and asked the right questions. He examined my motivation and asked about my employment history. He took time to assess my suitability and ensured that I was a good fit.

David Colecchia, Scientist

I would strongly suggest anybody contact him if you are a candidate. He certainly will be able to understand your real value and at the same time I know that his clients have 100% satisfaction with his efforts.

Vivien Batoumeni, Assistant Research Scientist

Andrea was able to highlight my profile and help me get a job, which is exactly what I Was looking for. I highly recommend him for his recruitment skills, his availability and his ability to prepare for different types of interviews.

Ibrahima Sow, Scientist Forumlation & Process Development

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea and I can confirm he was very helpful. He is a very professional person, always available to help, he likes his job; there are so many superlatives that make him an excellent recruiter. I highly recommend Andrea in your search of new opportunities and new challenges.

Ana Maria Roa Arranz, Senior Scientist Investigator

Andrea is a highly proficient professional. He is motivated and eager to continuously learn, improve and adapt to his role. He was very supportive and an excellent communicator. He is also very respectful with the people he works, being frank, open and honest. All-in-all, an excellence and reliable professional I recommend.

Sonia Mallozzi, Senior Quality Assurance Manager

So, once again I would like to thank Andrea for his help, and I would like to wish him all the best for his career and life. People and employees like him are not easy to find and SEC Pharma is very lucky to have him.