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SEC Spotlight: Progressing from a resourcer to a market leader in contract recruitment

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SEC Spotlight: Progressing from a resourcer to a market leader in contract recruitment


Camille joined SEC Recruitment in 2016 as a resourcer, following the completion of her studies in France. After three promotions and four years in the market, she has an established client portfolio spanning Europe and the US, and leads efforts in the freelance clinical arena. Camille works in collaboration with a team of three recruiters focusing on the clinical operations and clinical science markets.

What made you choose SEC?

I heard about SEC from word of mouth, the company has been referred to me by a previous colleague that had gone on to work for us. SEC was described as an inclusive, multicultural company that invested time in the professional development of each of their staff. Having no previous work experience and having never lived in an English speaking country prior to joining, it was important for me at the time to find an employer which would give me the chance to learn and develop my sales skills within a diverse environment.

How has SEC supported your career progression?

The strength of SEC is in its people. There's a highly experienced, knowledgable team, some of whom have been working within the industry for over 10 years, and they're always available to teach and to help. Ultimately we are on our own at our desk, but SEC gives us the right push and the right support to lead us to successful promotion.

Why do you think you have been successful in your role?

I personally work very efficiently under a healthy pressure. SEC will push their staff to achieve their targets, but in a positive manner by offering incentives and by encouraging teamwork. We've all had bad months, but SEC will never shame an employee due to a lack of results, but will encourage them to get better results for the next one.

What would you say to someone looking to join SEC?

When I joined the company, I had no experience in recruitment and barely spoke any English. SEC saw potential in me and gave me the opportunity to work for them, even if we didn’t 100% understand each other. Support and training are real within SEC, I started within a French market, began to understand the job in a language I was comfortable in and got all the support I needed from the management staff. Once I was comfortable with the job and was able to acclimatise to the culture and language, I received clear targets for my promotions, and ultimately became a principal consultant in three years.

Other than giving true chances to individual, SEC has an amazing culture in which I nurtured true friendship with my colleagues. We are all different, but we all get along, and I believe it’s important to work in a workplace which includes everyone.

At SEC we've cultivated an atmosphere where we encourage each other to perform, progress, and be successful. Join an organisation that puts their people at the heart of everything they do.

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