Show people your commitment to professionalism at every opportunity

David BDavid Buist, Operations Director at SEC, gives an insight in to why we took the decision to go through the bronze Work Quality Accreditation (WQA). 

As a business, we are always trying to demonstrate to our clients and candidates – that what we do at SEC is different. With over 55 experienced consultants who come from a plethora of different countries and collectively speak over 20 languages. It’s a real mixture of people giving us a wide and diverse communication network, something we are proud of. We’re proud enough to focus on that with whoever we work with, but we’re also very proud of our service offering, because we like to think that we’re always striving to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism within the life sciences industry.

As members of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) and we can say that we take our membership and the Code of Conduct very seriously. This is one way of giving peace of mind to the clients that are current or future clients working with SEC. But in the spirit of our desire to consistently improve our offering, we have spent quite some time also reviewing ways in which we can demonstrate the next level of compliance in the clinical research industry. In 2015 we began talking to the International Accrediting Organisation for Clinical Research (IAOCR) and after several discussions it became clear that we had an opportunity to show our stakeholders that we could demonstrate our quality in the life sciences space, as well as from a recruitment industry perspective.

As a result, we began the process of the application for the Workforce Quality Accreditation (WQA). The WQA is a business improvement methodology that has been principally developed to assist clinical research organisations across the globe by helping to drive up quality standards. It was designed in collaboration with sponsor organisations and CROs to address workplace quality issues specific to the industry sector. It also provides an opportunity to gain an accreditation by demonstrating the commitment to ensuring that human factors are aligned with technology, processes and procedures which a methodology close to the heart of SEC.Print

To achieve the bronze WQA we had to go far deeper than a tick-box exercise. The review process prompted a forensic review of each element of our structure, processes and day-to-day activities in a way that ensures that we continually add value to our people and our clients. The overall aim of the process is to help drive business improvements that are embedded and stand the test of time, something that we have been focused on for many years and will continue to do so as our business evolves alongside our clients.

We were delighted to achieve Bronze Accreditation in March this year demonstrating that we have started on a journey that will only benefit all the individuals and businesses that we work with.

We are committed to providing the highest quality recruitment services to our clients through an exceptionally well-trained, competent and passionate team. As the first supply chain company to attain this accreditation, it helps to validate our approach to ensuring a high-quality service is provided and further demonstrates to our clients that they are engaged with a company that sets the standard for building and maintaining long term relationships.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels. We are already working on the silver Workforce Quality Accreditation (WQA) and aim to achieve it later on this year as continuous improvement is about constantly looking at our processes and finding ways in which we can get better and deliver more value to our clients.