How do you feel at work?

Stephanie-Lebrun-croppedPerhaps this title might sound like a bit of cliché to you, especially if we consider the amount of articles about happiness at work.  Yawn. I can already imagine some of you rolling  your eyes “Oh no… another article about wellbeing at work and keeping employees happy”. Let’s be honest, I think we can have long debates about what happiness at work actually means. But what every company should actually ask themselves is “why and how could  we keep our employees engaged?”.

When you are a recruiter you have to face so many up and downs. You have targets to hit and an entire pipeline can come crashing down in a day. You then have to start from scratch building a new one! You also face a lot of rejections & unpredictability, so it goes without saying how important resilience and persistence is in this profession. Having a healthy and supportive work environment is then not just nice, but crucial. Having the feeling of being supported but also, developed & challenged will definitely help you to keep yourself motivated and fulfilled in your work.

At SEC, I am a part of the Talent Team and our role is to attract, develop and retain our people. But what does it really mean? Our mission is obviously making sure we attract the right people. Once they join us, we will provide a full induction and blended training plan to make sure they have the basic skills and they understand our key values & approach. This will be the case for any new starters; they could be complete rookies or experienced recruiters/professionals.

Do you know how crucial the first months of employment are? When you join a new company you have so many things to process and learn. You will be joining a new team, a new company, a new working culture. Even if you come with some solid skills or experience you still need to learn and familiarise yourself with new approaches too. My role as a Talent Consultant is as critical as any consultant role – I am passionate about ensuring everyone is well transitioned into their new team – they receive enough support, and they understand what is expected from them. So to keep it simple: make sure they feel engaged & happy at work!

But how do we make sure we get all this precious information to do this? By conducting health checks in the first few months. This is one of my favourite & most challenging parts of my job; it’s not just an occasion for me to catch up with the employees but I can also coach, train & play a role in solving any teething issues. When I ask them about the benefits of having health checks, they all tell me that’s the occasion for them to reflect on their work, take a step out and think about what they have achieved for the past month. When you work in recruitment, you have targets, so it’s really crucial to have a plan and think about how to reach objectives.

We also have health checks with team leaders every quarter to make sure the team is doing fine and to assess any training needs. This is both specific & holistic as we often see trends that we can easily address with our impressive array of resources including training, coaching & mentoring programmes.

But why? Health checks are not only a benefit for our employees but also for the whole company. Indeed from an organisation’s perspective, it’s the opportunity to assess if there is a need to take some actions in order to help the employees to develop and perform. So as a company, it also gives us the occasion to step out and see how we could improve as a whole.

So in a nutshell, health checks offer benefits for ME as an individual, for WE as a team and for US as an organisation. Those three dimensions should always be considered when it’s a question of employee engagement and employee performance. In my opinion, it summarises well the supportive environment SEC offers.