Have we forgotten the basics of polite society?

shutterstock_politeLife moves fast. The proliferation of technology and of access to information has enabled millions of people to access resources that they never would have had a decade ago. People just accept that they can do things quicker. But there are times in which I think we need to appreciate that the human element of life can have a massive impact on the work environment.

Let’s look at emails. Meaning, intonation and genuine appreciation for a job well done can sometimes get lost with an email sent with a “thanks” in response. But if you take a scenario at work in which somebody is thankful for the job a colleague has completed that has benefited them, in which that person takes the time to thank them for their hard work in person and at their desk, how much more of a confidence boost can that be to the recipient of the appreciation?

But it doesn’t just have to be in a specific working context that you can give appreciation to your colleagues. Sometimes the simple things work. The traditional mantra of “dress for success” or “dressing for the job you want” is well used, but this isn’t just about getting the latest designer clothing, it should also be about being comfortable in who you are. Then, if you feel comfortable in who you are, you will naturally exude more confidence. Now think about that human interaction with a work colleague in which you’ve been complimented. How did it make you feel? Good I’ll bet. That person has taken the time to give you a boost and I’m sure it felt great. When was the last time you complimented somebody – a partner, a friend, a co-colleague, male or female? Or a piece of work they have done that stood out for you

We spend most of our adult lives in work and not everything is specifically related to the work we do, but some of the basics of life and interaction can have a massive impact on how we feel at work. That can also translate in to how effective and how efficient we are in the workplace.

It doesn’t just have to be in the working environment either, I hasten to add, because you can apply these same principles in life too. Smile more. Give your seat to somebody on a train. Keep the lift open for them when the doors are about to shut. I do that for people I see coming into the office. On one occasion a lady thanked me and told me I was the first person to ever hold that lift door for her. She told me it made her day. I felt good and she felt good.

There are so many ways in which you can help other people and the more you get the basics of polite society right, the more it filters into success in the working world because the values you hold as a human reflect your professional persona and ultimately your organisation’s persona. Especially in recruitment where your clients and candidates see you as the face of your companies brand.

In recruitment our values are a fundamental part of being successful. As recruiters we help people. We provide support to people when they are looking to change something in their lives. If we can do it in a way that gives them more confidence, more belief in what they are doing, then that will also help them to achieve what they want to achieve in life.